Sumptuous and Daring Stage Magic Show for Large Audiences

The Magic of Illuminaire: An opulent, theatrical experience with magic, elegance, and flames, presented by expert illusionist Dean Metcalfe and partner Claudine.

  • A dazzling, graceful, and meticulously visual experience inspired by international stage magic performances.
  • Magnificent after-dinner entertainment for up to 400 guests, available throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond.
  • Fully self-contained stage magic show, with backdrops, PA systems, props, lighting, and music provided.

The Magic of Illuminaire: Lavish and Masterful Stage Magic

Your guests will be astonished as candles and chandeliers materialise, float, and ignite on their own - and how Dean’s assistant evades certain peril from blades and candles. Drawing on the grace, dexterity, and grandeur of classic international stage magic, this elite magic performance provides excellent after-dinner entertainment for large corporate dinners, awards ceremonies, and charity gala functions.

The Magic of Illuminaire is a grander stage show that has been perfected over many years by magical maestro Dean Metcalfe and his glamorous partner Claudine. Your guests will marvel at the skilful illusions, the refined beauty of the performance, and the sheer brilliance of the Illuminaire experience - an experience that’ll be on everyone’s lips long after the last drop of champagne.

About the Magic of Illuminaire Stage Magic Show

This unrivalled performance of illusion, elegance, and artistry is best suited for large, sophisticated gatherings of up to 400 guests. Depending on the evening’s itinerary, Dean and Claudine can present their Illuminaire show in one of two formats; a short but impactful 10-minute performance, or 20 minutes of opulent, highly skilled stage magic. Either format serves as a quintessential digestif!

Dean and his lifelong assistant Claudine are available to perform their elegant stage performance across the UK and beyond. Together, they’ve travelled the world, bringing their radiant stage performances to premier venues across 4 continents.

Looking for the same opulence, but for a smaller audience? Consider a more intimate cabaret-style magic performance.

Experience The Magic of Illuminaire for Yourself

Fire, sparkle, glitz, and glamour! Dean and Claudine have devoted their whole lives to their art, as evidenced by their effortlessly sophisticated stage presence. Experience a different class of magic with The Magic of Illuminaire.

Working with The Magic of Dean

When you’re organising a large gathering, practicalities are everything. The Magic of Illuminaire is a grander stage magic performance developed for audiences of up to 400 guests. The show works best on a large stage or dance floor so all of your guests can enjoy the performance – the props and illusions are designed to a larger scale to suit large venues, so even those at the back will be able to enjoy the show.

Their show has been meticulously designed for most spectacular visual effect; Dean and Claudine provide all props, stage dressing, PA systems, lighting, and music. Providing a “self-contained” show also helps to reduce the pressure on venue personnel.

In Dean Metcalfe, you get a consummate professional entertainer with over 30 years’ experience and an unwavering passion for his craft.

Contact The Magic of Dean today and treat your guests to one of the UK’s most lavish stage magic performances: The Magic of Illuminaire.

Over 30 Years of Dean and Claudine

Dean and Claudine were the number one stage magic act at the major elite cabaret clubs in the 1980's. Places such as Caesars Palace, The Lakeside, Blazers, Newmarket Cabaret Club and Savvas. Furthermore, they would often be asked to support stars such as Hale and Pace, Cliff Richard, Billy Connolly, Freddie Starr and many more.

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