High-Class Cabaret Stage Magic Show for Small to Medium Venues

A spellbinding cabaret-style magic show with magical master Dean Metcalfe and partner Claudine.

  • All the elegance of international stage magic, condensed into an awe-inspiring cabaret show.
  • Sophisticated after-dinner entertainment for hotels, corporate functions, and smaller venues.
  • Self-contained show with all props, backdrops, lighting, PA systems, and music provided.

Sophisticated, Exuberant Stage Magic for a Smaller Stage

The Magic of Dean’s mesmerising cabaret show brings all of the theatricality of European style stage magic to smaller, more intimate venues up and down the UK.

Experienced illusionist Dean and his glamorous partner Claudine perform absorbing feats that merge close-up sleight-of-hand with large scale trickery. This visually spectacular, after-dinner-style cabaret performance is ideal for hotels, banqueting suites, corporate events, and venues of all kinds.

Dean's cabaret magic show is a truly singular experience that fully embodies Dean’s skills as an award-winning illusionist. It’s an experience that’s sure to be remembered, despite the amount of champagne flowing!

About The Cabaret Stage Magic Show

Developed for smaller groups and venues, this engrossing theatrical experience is ideal for adding a touch of after-dinner mystique or as part of a line-up of evening entertainment.

The cabaret set runs for approximately 30-40 minutes and is developed with an audience of 80-100 people in mind. Dean and Claudine are more than happy to tailor their performance to accommodate your needs and the evening’s itinerary.

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Working with The Magic of Dean

If you’re an events management professional, you probably have a number of practical questions. Some of Dean's illusions are quite intricate, so we do need a certain closeness to the audience for best effect. With this in mind, the show works just as well on a dance floor as it does on a raised stage.

Dean and Claudine will generally arrive a few hours before your event’s festivities are due to begin. Their show is totally self-contained, meaning they will provide all their own props, backdrop, PA systems, music, and floor lighting. The show is meticulously planned to be visually spectacular, so we provide what we can to ease the strain on venue personnel.

Please inform us of the evening’s itinerary as soon as possible beforehand so we can plan the set-up and take-down of Dean's apparatus. We don’t like to dismantle everything in front of your guests - it spoils the allure somewhat!

So if you want an evening of artful magic presented by one of the UK magic scene’s finest illusionists, get in touch with the Magic of Dean today!

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