Beautiful theatrical show for cabaret settings

Sophisticated magic ideal for hotels and smaller room settings

Dean has perfected a unique and classy cabaret magic performance which is ideal for smaller room settings. Naturally, Dean presents the show in a way that no other magician can match – engaging, highly skilled and very entertaining.

Dean’s magic always oozes style, sophistication and visual beauty and his cabaret show is no exception. In a blend of innovative and classic magic, Dean manipulates anything from candles to crystals in a way that really must be seen. This is close-up magic but on a grander scale, performed for audiences of up to 100 people. It is ideally suited for small dance floor areas and banquet rooms as often found in hotels and country houses. If you have a private club, it’s great for those too.

Dean sometimes presents this cabaret show in an after-dinner speaking style. Here, Dean gives the audience an illuminating insight into the different kinds of magic and how magic has changed. It was this show that Dean and his assistant Claudine performed for Aston University in June 2019.

This is a truly unique show that embodies Dean’s award-winning skills.

Dean’s cabaret magic performance is normally 30 – 40 minutes long. It is always presented self-contained with a mini-theatrical setting of backdrop, lighting and PA provided. There’s no long-winded patter – just elegant and classy magic that will leave your guests enthralled. It will be remembered long after the last drop of champagne has been drunk!

For an even grander magic performance, take a look at Dean’s Illuminaire Stage Show.


It was a marvellous performance which everyone enjoyed, Absolutely magically fantastic – thank you very much. I would definitely, highly recommend you to anyone who wants to host a celebratory event.

Prof. Nicholas Theodorakopoulos BSc, MBA, PhD

Head of Work & Organisational Psychology Dept, Aston Business School

Cabaret Magic Video

Here’s a short video showing various clips from Dean’s Cabaret Magic Shows.

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